“ I like her. She makes life interesting. She, herself, is interesting, I suppose. She talks right from the heart. I appreciate her frankness and I like the fact that she doesn’t force the natural flow of a conversation. There’s personality in her words. She thus gets to the core of things and that’s important because with her — I can talk knowing that the talk is real! Oh believe me, it’s amazingly real! And she also gives me the opportunity to listen as fully and completely as possible. And I can’t seem to get her out of my head […] ”
by Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters  (via pre-raphaelites)

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“ Sometimes I don’t know whether Zelda and I are real or whether we are characters in one of my novels. ”
by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1933 (via fitzgeraldquotes)

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My friend is a kind of drug addiction and when I noticed it I was really sad about it. I've been following you on Instagram for long so I know you are studying philosophy. If possible can you please help me on this regard? I seriously do not know what to do and I want your advise because I think you might have some ideas when a problem occurred as its studies helps in a way. Thanks ,
by Anonymous

Hello. This is not an issue for a philosopher, nor for a stranger on the other side of your computer screen. An addiction is a complex social and medical issue that must be addressed by appropriate professionals. Please voice your concerns to your friend, their immediate family and to a reliable professional party who is able to provide help, such as a doctor, a counsellor or possibly a local treatment centre. I advice you to contact a local helpline and discuss the situation with them immediately; they will be able to provide you information on what you can do and who you can contact. I wish you and your friend all the best. 

Hello, I see you are studying philosophy and as you may know,we could find a wide variety of philosophies. Do you mind if I ask which subject is especially attract you?
by Anonymous

Hello hello, I especially enjoy logic and philosophy of language and political philosophy (and ethics, and epistemology, and, there isn’t really anything I don’t like). 

“ You may blame Aphrodite
soft as she is
she has almost killed me
with love for that boy ”

by Sappho, Blame Aphrodite (via thefairygarden)

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“ My blood was in a fervent within me, my heart full of longing, sweetly and foolishly; I was all expectancy and wonder; I was tremulous and waiting; my fancy fluttered about the same images like martins round a bell tower at dawn; I dreamed and was sad and sometimes cried. But through the tears and the melancholy, inspired by the beauty of verse or the beauty of the evening, there always rose upwards, like the grasses of early spring, shoots of happy feeling, of young and surging life. ”
by Ivan Turgenev, First Love (via paperswallow)
“ Well, let it pass, he thought; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice. ”
by F. Scott Fitzgerald (via palaisroyalparis)

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“ You have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm, and cloudiness. ”

by Don Pedro to Benedick, in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing 5.4.41-42  (via yunoki)

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“ Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough. ”
by Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit (via mirroir)

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